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A member is defined as one who has submitted the following: a completed BTC Membership  Application, and full dues payment. Upon receipt of these  items, online court-booking will be activated. 



Wear appropriate tennis attire, including tennis sneakers suitable for clay courts while on the  courts. 

Court Use 

Use, the online booking platform, to make court reservations and sign up  for team practices, events, and programming. Your online court-booking account is pre-set with  a specific allotment of time (quota) that can be used at your discretion. Your quota refers to the  number of times per week you can book a court, not the number of times you can actually play per week. You can book a court in 30 to 90-minute increments but you cannot book or be booked  by another member for consecutive time slots. You can book a court for Singles, Doubles, or  “Other,” e.g., serve practice, Canadian Doubles, hitting against the wall, etc. Quotas are  determined by total membership count and may be reset as membership count increases or  decreases throughout the season. 

Court 4 is designated for the Club Pro’s use. On occasion, a member’s pre-scheduled booking  on Court 4 may be modified to accommodate use by a Club Pro. If this occurs, every effort will  be made to re-schedule the affected member’s court booking. 

BTC will pre-schedule court bookings throughout the season for events such as contracted-court  time, events, programming, league matches (Women’s and Men’s Team), etc. In the case of  rain, these events may be rescheduled and given priority booking status. In such cases, every  effort will be made to accommodate the affected member’s court booking. 


Court Etiquette 

When entering or leaving a court, make every effort to avoid interrupting ongoing play on other  courts by, e.g., entering or leaving as a group, waiting to cross until a point or rally is over, and  crossing briskly.  


If another court’s ball rolls onto your court, return it as promptly and safely as possible. If your ball rolls onto another court, do not interrupt a point or rally to request its return unless the ball  presents a hazard to the other players. 


Stop your match in time to prepare the court for the next scheduled group.  


Close the gate after you open it. If you are the last person or group leaving the club at any  point during the day, check that the doors and gates are locked.


Court Maintenance 

Courts will be maintained daily between 6am to 8am throughout the season weather permitting. Brush the court and lines after use, including at the end of the day. Court brush and line roller  hangers are installed near all courts. In order to keep brushes and rollers in operable condition, hang these items after use on the nearest available hanger. Remove all tennis equipment,  personal supplies, and your garbage from the court or locker room after play. Use designated  garbage or recycle receptacles to dispose of said garbage. 


During especially dry or hot periods, the sprinkler system will be set in pre-determined intervals.  Refrain from activating or deactivating the sprinkler system without the approval of the Club Pro,  Grounds Committee Chair or Board Executive (President or Vice President). 



Children must be supervised by parents or guardians at all times. Children are allowed on the  courts only when they are playing. Guest children are allowed in the club only if accompanied  by a member or a Club Pro. Children must wear proper tennis attire and sneakers suitable for  clay courts. 



Smoking is not permitted on club grounds. 



Other than service animals, pets are not permitted on club grounds. 



The guest fee is $10. A guest may play a maximum of FIVE times in a season. Book your  guest through the court booking system. You or your guest can pay the fee through Zelle to or by cash or check deposited in the drop box in the clubhouse.  Envelopes and note pads have been provided near the drop box for this purpose. The booking  system will be reviewed monthly to ensure that fees for booked guests have been paid. 

Guest fees are waived to allow serious prospective members to play for a reasonable  amount of time, but the visit should be coordinated with the Membership Chair prior to  booking the court. 



Violations of club rules, gross misbehavior, and unresolved disagreements between members  should be reported to any governing board member or to the Club Pro. 


Our club has earned a reputation for being a very “friendly” place. Please think friendly.  Accommodate your fellow members.

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