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Tennis Coaching with Dr. Bernard Jones

Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Jones has over 40+ years of tennis teaching, coaching, programming, and racquet stringing. 


He is a certified Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) member, certified master racquet technician (MRT), and stringer (USRSA). He has coached at the NCAA Division 1 Level for the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). 


Bernie has experience implementing instructional and engaging tennis programs, including adult and junior clinics, private and group lessons, and special events. 

Bernie brings engaging energy and passion to tennis and wants to get the best out of all the players he coaches. “Players come first,” and Bernie strives to enhance their tennis game as the primary goal. His commitment to tennis and all his students is genuine, and having the opportunity to work at Berkeley Tennis Club is a true honor. Bernie is well respected in the tennis industry and welcomes your participation in his new and innovative programming here at Berkeley.

Lesson and Service Rates for Berkeley Members
Pro Shop Services
  • Racquet Restringing (same day/2-day turnaround)

    • Nylon: $35​

    • Syn Gut, Poly, Co-Poly, Multifilament: $40

    • Natural Gut: $50

  • Replacement Grips: $5

  • Overwraps: $3

  • Vibration Dampeners: $5

  • String Stenciling: $2

  • Racquet Tune-up/Customization: $20-$40

  • Tennis Balls: $3 a can

  • Cases of balls, clothing, shoes, bags - contact Bernie


To book and schedule a lesson, please contact Bernie
Phone: (201) 755 7557 Email:

  • Owner of Dr. B. Jones Tennis Academy, Inc. – a Non-Profit 501-c(3) organization dedicated to bringing tennis and mentoring services to underserved communities in Essex County, NJ.

  • Certified Teaching Pro – USA Sport Group, Play Your Court,

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