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Ladder Tournament

We're reviving one of Berkeley's most popular activities - the club Leapfrog Plus singles ladder. We're starting with a men's ladder and a women's ladder, but may mix it up and add more if people want.


Unlike the club tournament, the ladder is not an elimination challenge, so there will be lots of opportunities to meet and compete with a wide mix of players all season long.  


Matches are 8-game "pro set" (first to 8 by 2, with a 12-point tiebreaker at 8-8).   The winner gets 9 points, while the loser gets 1 point for each game won.  Plus, if the winner is lower-ranked, they get their opponent's points (the "leapfrog" part).   


This system has a good balance between rewarding better players, while still encouraging players of different abilities to participate. Details are attached, or you can find them on the "details" tab on the ladder page.


We're once again using the Global Tennis Network app to administer our ladder. Once you register, you can challenge anyone else on the ladder to a match.  After playing, enter your scores, and the app does the work of calculating standings, which can be viewed immediately on the GTN website. 


Head over to Berkeley's page on GTN. If you have played on a Berkeley GTN ladder in the past, you are already registered. Login to GTN and sign up for one of the 2022 ladders.

If you are not already registered, take a moment to fill out a registration request. Once you are approved, login to GTN and sign up for the 2022 ladder you are interested in!

If you have any trouble registering or logging in, contact Beth for help!

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