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Yes! The Berkeley “Fun”draiser was a huge success!


Lots of drinks, luscious hors d’oeuvres and food, and lots of Berkeley fun was had by all. Auction items were bid on excitedly, and the thrill of the chase was buzzing through the room!


So many people commented how nice it was to see one another in “real clothes”! The truth is…we all really like one another and, on Saturday night, it definitely showed.  (Click the link to the right to see everyone wishing Mike Griot a Happy Birthday!). 


Thank you to Beth and Bill for opening up their beautiful South Orange home and hosting this amazing event.


We netted Berkeley Tennis Club a whopping $6,700! We will be using these funds to update and beautify our wonderful Berkeley Tennis Club.


Thank you all for your support and for helping us surpass our goals! Please be sure to support our local business, from High Country Ski & Tennis to Bob Bynum and all of SOMA's fantastic local vendors! 


Thank you so much!

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