Berkeley Events: Fruit-Bowl 2019

Saturday, August 3rd - Berkeley Tennis Club held its 3rd Annual Fruit-Bowl Tournament.


We did it!  Another successful Annual Fruit Bowl Tournament.  Our third!  The Peaches came through at the end.  Congratulations to Captain Cindy Lewis and her team: Pat Allen, Judie Gold, Enrique Garcia-Carrera and Lenny Catanzaro!  They were unstoppable. We had 29 participants divided amongst 6 teams:  The Blueberries, Papayas, Tomatoes, Bananas, Kiwis and Peaches. This year we tried something different.  Each team played 3 flights: Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Doubles.  There was no-ad scoring with the first to 4 points winning the game.  Everyone served once in each flight so it moved along.

At the end we added up each teams' wins and came up with a clear winner with the most wins. There was lots of cheering, noise makers blaring, and genuine laughter as we played through the morning.  It was everything a Fruit Bowl Tournament should be. Big thanks to our six Captains for agreeing to organize the teams and get everyone on court.  They were:  George Finlay, Art Fredman, Cindy Lewis, Mike Griot, Elliot Ganek and Carlton Daniels. As always, Maria and Louise came up with some hats, noise makers and bubbles.  Judie and Gretchen were doing what they do in the kitchen to keep us fed.  Some of us enjoyed Barbara Quackenbos’ Fruit Tarte!  Art Lowe stoked up the grill afterwards and many stayed and kept the party going.  It was Berkeley at its best.

If your wondering where the Fruit Bowl Tournament idea came from, I can’t take full credit.  It was my parents idea.  They ran a family tennis club in NH for many years.  The Fruit Bowl was one of their signature Tournaments.  Dad had made the trophy.  I couldn’t part with it, so in honor of my parents, Berkeley is now carrying on the tradition and the Fruit Bowl Trophy has found a new home!  


Thanks again to all who participated.  Until next year!

Robin Blackburn-Ellis, Tournament Director

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