Berkeley Fruit Bowl 2017

The Bananas were tops!
Berkeley fruit bowl team
Emcee Louise!
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The Fruit Bowl Team  Tennis Tournament

was an incredible success in spite of being rained out the previous day, a chairwoman having her broken arm reset just a day before, and another chairwoman recovering from illness. However, in miraculous, century-old Berkeley, anything is possible.Optimism is our trademark.

Luckily, the surprise August rainfall compacted the red clay to its ultimate soft and slow texture. About 30% of the membership showed up, and, in the words of President Tom Edwards, “Let the competition begin!”


Working assiduously, broken-armed Louise Arkel  served as Uupire and "server" of food. She and Robin Blackburn-Ellis provided iinformative announcements on the microphone. Mike Griot set up speakers and played cool music. And Maria Alvarado, who generously brought fruit-colored headbands and wristwear for team spirit, made certain everyone had ample food and drink. Many members brought an array of delicious foods and drink.


Six teams of five or six players, each team named after a fruit, were formed: the bananas,tomatoes, peaches, mangoes, kiwi, and blueberries. Captains were selected and the games started around 9:30 am. Competition was punctuated with cheers and noise makers. Coaches urged  their players to reach new heights. The BTC version of Team Tennis rules, as prepared and taught by Robin, were followed by the coaches and players. One of the wonderful aspects of play was that teams were inclusive, mixing beginners and advanced players. Coaches responsibly shuttled players in and out.

By 11:30, the trophy was awarded. All were energized and pleased with the fomat. New rules, like no ads or deuces, return of let serves, and player substitutions, had been learned and executed. Next year, Robin and Louise promise, it will be even better! Meanwhile, the coveted trophy fruit bowl is proudly displayed in our clubhouse.


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