Berkeley Events: Cookouts 2019

Monday, May 27th - Memorial Day 2019 Cookout at Berkeley was a rousing success due to the hard work of too many people to mention. Art handled the barbecue with his usual adroitness and humor. Imagine, burgers, hotdogs, ribs, steak, and sausages...grilled corn and sautéed peppers and onions. Delicious. 

The courts were in great shape, thanks to our pros and volunteers. With two short breaks for watering, they were played on from 9am to sundown by beginners to advanced players. Part of Berkeley's greatness is the willingness of members to mix and match at diverse levels of play. 

Most important, the genuine friendship and collegiality of our members was the highlight of the evening. Endless conversations, greetings, jokes, and other forms of banter continued the Century-old tradition of Berkeley camaraderie. May the tradition of good tennis, good food/drink, and friendship always bond Berkeley people.

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